elcome! If you have ever had therapy before you will notice that you

usually only see the therapist for 15 minutes, if you are lucky and it seems

everyone is getting the same treatment. Here at Rehabilities we never do cookie

cutter therapy. All body parts and all injuries are not created equal. We strive to

find the "just right challenge" for each client's therapy. We don't waste time with

"therapies" that are too simplistic or that attempt to push beyond a clients

abilities. Each care plan will be creates specifically for each client and

individualized, one-on-one therapy will always be provided.

Our Mission We Believe that the key to effective physical rehab is an ongoing, one-on-one relationship between a skilled professional and you, the patient, in a comfortable calm and stress free environment. We believe that performing a complete evaluation to identify the source of your problem is the only way to create a treatment plan that relieves your symptoms and prevents further injury. Your therapist tailors treatment to your work, family demands, and exercise preferences while at the same time creating a plan that speeds your recovery process.

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Our clinical expertise is achieved by continually pursuing advanced educational programs. The primary goal of the entire staff at Rehabilities is to deliver the most up- to-date and individualized quality care possible.
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