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Privacy Practices
Material that is shared in therapy/rehabilitation is considered confidential to the extent provided by the law. Patient information, including case records, is confidential and will be released only under the following conditions: 1. The therapist is using case records for purpose of supervision, treatment team consultation, professional development, or training and research. In such cases, to preserve confidentially, clients will be identified by first names only; the clinical staff determines that the client is a danger to himself/herself or to someone else such as being suicidal or homicidal; 2. The client discloses a personal history/knowledge of any physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a child, elderly, or disabled person whether it be the past or present; the client discloses sexual contact with a mental health professional with whom the client had/has a professional relationship; 3. The therapist or the clinic is ordered by a court to disclose information; 4. The client directs the therapist or clinic to release the client's records; 5. The therapist or clinic is otherwise required by law to disclose information. In family and/or group settings, individual privacies are maintained to the best extent possible. However, due to the interaction of the group therapy process per se, it is not always possible to maintain strict confidentiality. It is your responsibility to understand this prior to disclosing personal information or participating in group therapy. All of the therapists associated with the clinic have proper training and credentialing for the provision of services that they provide. All therapists have either appropriate licensure, are provisionally licensed and are receiving supervision from a licensed medical director or are students in a therapy program and are receiving supervision by a licensed therapist. If you have a complaint regarding any of the treatment that you receive here at Rehabilities, please inform the therapist that you are working with and the patient coordinator. If you wish to go beyond this level of complaint, please ask the office staff for higher remedies. I understand that in order to undergo testing/evaluation and/or participate in therapy/rehabilitation, I am required to sign a Consent for Release of Information form, giving the treatment team permission to communicate with my doctors, mental health professionals who have seen me previously and/or obtain copies of records of my previous treatment, and or any individual or entity directly involved in the payment of my care. I agree to disclose previous treatment and will reimburse Rehabilities Partners LLC for any expenses charged for supplying copies of my records. I understand my right to review a notice of privacy practices, to request restrictions, and to revoke consent.
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