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Individual Therapy This is where all our patients notice the difference. Our patients love our one-on-one approach to therapy. Our staff attends to every patient from the time they walk into the door until they leave. Each patient has an individualized care plan which changes as the patient progresses. Flexible Hours We understand that your life does not come to a standstill just because you have been injured. No Wait We know how frustrating it can be to show up at an appointment and not be seen at that time. That is why we always see our patients at the time they are scheduled. If your appointment is at 2pm you will be seen at 2pm!  See our ON-TIME guarantee. Multidisciplinary Approach We update and work closely with our client’s family physician and other health care providers to provide complete comprehensive care. Client Education Clients are thoroughly educated about their condition and taught self-care strategies to decrease the need for future care. Client education allows our patients to leave our therapy with the tools necessary to continue therapy once on their own. State of the Art Equipment Rehabilities is equipped with the some of latest BTE evaluation equipment including a work simulator and Functional Capacity Testing to give our clients the most reliable evaluations and therapy available.
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